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        วิธี เข้า เล่น บา คา ร่า

        Jill Price
        Tonia Di Risio

        May 17 - July 7, 2019

        How does material desire serve us? How do we, in turn, serve those materials we desire and their origins? And, when, if ever, is mass consumption ethical? These are the questions at the core of the exhibition, The Reconfiguration of Similar Elements to a Separate Effect. Artists Jill Price and Tonia Di Risio explore material wealth from different perspectives. Where Tonia engages with the image, its place in advertising and the production of material desire, Jill considers the end-of-life process of our textile goods, the material of our material desire. Designed in California, made in China, purchased in Canada, disposed of in the Philippines, from magazines to mittens, items of mass consumption are crowding landfills globally. Tonia Di Risio and Jill Price reconfigure similar elements to a separate effect by manipulating materials that are already in circulation and bound for the landfill or recycling plant. As garbage continues to pile up and the climate continues to change, may it be worth considering the source of one’s material desires from a global perspective?



        Combining art and mindfulness, the Durham Art Gallery will be hosting two editions of ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS! Collage Edition and Art & Science Edition.

        To Book Online Go To: https://www.durhamartgallery.com/rock-paper-scissors

        A Day of Undoing with Jill Price

        Join Jill Price for an exploratory day of unmaking. Encouraging observation, reflection and imagination, participants will engage in a series of unmaking exercises that will help them come more in relation to objects, the land and humans.